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You may think that you don't need to be on Facebook or you may spend all sorts of time posting favourite moments, checking out friends, pictures of kittens and the occasional political post. Let's get serious for just a moment. Life is challenging and we don't often take the time to have those difficult conversations whether it be about financial, health, death or relationship concerns. It could also be that we don't feel comfortable reaching out to others or don't know where to turn.

I created my Facebook page for Personal Passage Planning so that I can share with you the some of the wealth of information, thoughts and resources that are available and relevant to understanding, coping and making the most out of our journey of life. I have learned so much through the myriad of thought leaders from all over the world that use Facebook to communicate. It is one of my best investments of time and I hope will feel the same if you follow us on Facebook. Check it out

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