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These scenarios are provided to give you a sense of why you should engage Personal Passage Planning to make a positive difference in your life now and in the future. 

Louisa suddenly found herself a widow and was at a loss when in came to taking over the family administration.  Struggling with grief and her husband's highly personalized filing system was so draining. She also found that people she thought were there to help actually  regarded her as exploitable. 

Following the death of their son in a boarding accident, Dan and Sally were shocked by the impact of him not having a will and the extent to which he managed his life "virtually".  They had no power to act on his behalf, no passwords and no idea where to start. 

Mari and Jasdeep are in the 35% minority of couples who took the time to discuss finances prior to getting married. Their parents gave them a Personal Passage Plan package as a wedding present to make sure they  were set up to manage their life as a couple.  

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