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Know Your Way

We don't always know what lies ahead. Understanding where you are, the potential risks and having a plan will help you stay on course and weather what life throws at you. Start by choosing the service that you think is right for you.  We appreciate your unique needs and will work with you to customize our approach.

Our Initial Conversation. This complimentary interview is designed to start the conversation about being prepared for a variety of life events. I will provide a high-level view of my service so that you understand my role and it is clear to you that you are always in control of the process. After the interview,  it is up to you to decide if we have the basis for a trust-based relationship and you wish to take advantage of my services.


Confidentiality. This is a very personal experience because each client is different.  The process will touch on all aspects of your life that are key to being able to manage change effectively. All discussions will be held in the highest level of confidentiality. 

Life Event Readiness Assessment. As your personal navigator, my role is to engage you in a discussion about the unique aspects of your life, according to your stage in life, to help you become more self aware of your readiness for a life event. 


The Personal Passage Plan  is created for you based on the readiness assessment. Together we will  map out the next steps and a timeline to accomplish them based on your personal priorities.


Your personalized Life Log.  Your Life Log is your “go to” reference book for proactively managing your life and preparing for life events on an ongoing basis. 

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