Life Events

Planned Life Events

Entering adulthood brings many changes.  Parents no longer have the same legal authourity.  You are now responsible not only for yourself and may become responsible for others.  Potential life events include:

• Moving out of your parent's home

• Leaving for university in another city or country

• Entering into a life partnership or marriage

• Having children

• Buying a home

• Starting your career or establishing a business

Unexpected Life Events

While some unexpected life events may bring joy, many others do not.  When you have a good sense of everything in your life that may be impacted you can respond more effectively and efficiently.  Unexpected life events include: 

• Relationship changes such as divorce or the requirement to care for others

• Unemployment

• Serious accident. illness or injury

• Inability to care for yourself for the short term or long term

• Natural disasters, criminal activities and terrrorist attacks

Inevitable Life Events


If we are lucky, we live a long life and age gracefully. The reality is that at some point, not usually of our choosing.....we all die.  Not everyone feels comfortable talking about or thinking about death, but that doesn't mean we can ignore it.  We are all going to lose family members and  friends. Just as entering adulthood comes with responsibilities, so does exiting.  It is up to you to make sure  you have put in place everything necessary to ease the burden on those you leave behind.