Know Your Way


Being fully  prepared  for Life Events can be challenging. 

Whether you are already overwhelmed by paper, want to have more control over how you manage change or a specific issue you would like some advice on, we will customize our service to meet your needs.



Life Events 

Planned life events such as  graduation, marriage or moving  are challenging enough. Disruptive events  such as job loss, acute illness, serious injury, natural disasters, criminal acts and death are tougher.   Being prepared can make a big difference  in how well you and your loved ones  respond and recover.    See what life events may include...


Why It Matters

When you die will your  grieving family  have the additional burden of trying to sort out  your estate?   65% of Canadians do not have a will.   If you don't deal with your mortality,  and have plans in place there  can be  consequences such as family conflicts,  financial pressures, tax implications or hasty and uninformed decisions, putting your loved ones at risk when they are most vulnerable.  



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